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Ref No: 103251
History, playwright, playwrights, poet, poets, poetry, brecht, berthold, Bertholt Brecht, german, play, plays, Mother Courage, Berliner Ensemble, weigel, helene, Helene Weigel,
(RM) Image
Bertholt Brecht (1898-1956) German playwright and poet. Production of his play 'Mother Courage' by the Berliner Ensemble. Helene Weigel as Mother Courage.

Ref No: 103943
History, historical, William Daniel Conybeare, conybeare, william conybeare, British, geology, geologist, geologists, ichthyosaurus, Life of Sir Roderick I. Murchison, Archibald Geikie, engraving, engravings,
(RM) Image
William Daniel Conybeare (1787-1857) British geologist. The first to describe the ichthyosaurus. From 'Life of Sir Roderick I. Murchison' by Archibald Geikie (London, 1875) Engraving.

Ref No: 103363
History, historical, james, rogers, james rogers, James Blythe Rogers, American, physicians, physician, chemist, chemists, chemistry, geology, geologist, geologists, geology, geologist, geologists, geology, henry rogers, Henry Darwin Rogers, Engraving, engravings,
(RM) Image
James Blythe Rogers (1802-1852) American physician and chemist, brother of the geologist Henry Darwin Rogers (1808-1866) Engraving, 1896.

Ref No: 103311
(RM) Image
Pyrotechnist, Artificer or Firework-maker. After a print representing Fire from a series of four representing the elements by the French engraver Abraham Bosse (1602-1676).

Ref No: 103327
(RM) Image
Thomas Graham (1805-1869) Scottish chemist who laid the foundations of physical chemistry. From James Sheridan Muspratt 'Chemistry' (London, c1860) Engraving. British.

Ref No: 103258
History, composer, composers, german, german composer, german composers, brahms, johannes, johannes brahms, music,
(RM) Image
Johannes Brahms (1833-1897) German composer, as a young man. Halftone from a photograph.

Ref No: 103273
History, composer, composers, german, german composer, german composers, brahms, johannes, johannes brahms, music, library, libraries, photograph, photographs, photography, beard, beards,
(RM) Image
Johannes Brahms (1833-1897) German composer, in his library. From a photograph. Halftone. Music.

Ref No: 103351
History, hare, robert, Robert Hare, chemists, chemistry, American, chemist, inventor, inventors, oxyhydrogen blow-pipe, calorimeters, calorimeter, Spiritualism Scientifically Demonstrated, Experimental Investigation of the Spirit Manifestation,
(RM) Image
Robert Hare (1781-1858) American chemist. Invented an oxyhydrogen blow-pipe and a calorimeter. A convert to spiritualism, he published 'Spiritualism Scientifically Demonstrated' (1855) and 'Experimental Investigation of the Spirit Manifestation' (1855).

Ref No: 103293
(RM) Image
HMS Colossus, 1st class British battleship. Experimental design with main armament amidships, firing through the superstructure. Limited arc of fire. Illustration by William Frederick Mitchell. Lithograph. 1892.

Ref No: 103326
History, science, scientist, scientists,
(RM) Image
Eben Norton Horsfod (1818-1893) American chemist and disciple of Liebig. Called 'The father of American food technology'. Discovered Baking Powder. From James Sheridan Muspratt 'Chemistry' (London, c1860) Engraving. Scientist

Ref No: 103285
History, composer, composers, german, german composer, german composers, schumann, robert, Robert Schumann, Clara, clara schumann, pianist, pianists,
(RM) Image
Clara Schumann (born Clara Wieck - 1819-1896) German pianist in 1889. Widow of the composer Robert Schumann. Halftone.

Ref No: 103887
History, historical, windsor, forest, Windsor Forest, engraving, engravings, geology, geologist, geologists, Benvie Argyll, Scotland, engravings, Engraving, letter, letters, Peters Letters to his Kinsfolk, Peter Morris,
(RM) Image
ed in Windsor Forest in 1847. Engraving.and geologist, born at Benvie, Argyll, Scotland. Engraving from 'Peter's Letters to his Kinsfolk' by Peter Morris (Edinburgh, 1819).




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