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Ref No: 103361
History, historical, owen, davidowen, David Dale Owen, american, physician, physicians, geology, geology, geologist, geologists, geology, geologist, geologists, geological survey, US Geological Survey, geology, geologist, geologists, of the US, New Harmony, Indiana, social reformer, social reformers,
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David Dale Owen (1808-1860) Scottish-born American physician and geologist who set up the US Geological Survey in 1839 when appointed Geologist of the US. He lived at New Harmony, Indiana, the town founded by his father, the social reformer Robert Owen.

Ref No: 104660
History, loyola, ignatius, Ignatius Loyola, Inigo Lopez de Recalde, soldier, soldiers, St Francis Xavier, xavier, Society of Jesus, jesus, jesuits, the Jesuits, Engraving, engravings, The Illustrated Globe Encyclopaedia of Universal Knowledge, encyclopaedia, encyclopaedias,
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Ignatius Loyola, born Inigo Lopez de Recalde (1491-1556) Spanish soldier and, with St Francis Xavier (1506-1552) in 1534, one of the founders of the Society of Jesus, the Jesuits. Engraving from 'The Illustrated Globe Encyclopaedia of Universal Knowledge

Ref No: 103318
(RM) Image
An Artificer or Pyrotechnist firing a rocket. Woodcut from 'Recreations mathematiques' by Jean Leurechon (Rouen, 1628).

Ref No: 103319
(RM) Image
A battery of rolling mills producing steel rail. Illustration by the British artist William Heysman Overend (1851-1898) Engraving from 'Great Industries of Great Britain' (London, c1880) Engraving.

Ref No: 103330
(RM) Image
Jean Baptiste Dumas (1814-1884) French chemist. From James Sheridan Muspratt 'Chemistry' (London, c1860) Engraving.

Ref No: 103316
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Pyrotechnist, Artificer or Firework-maker. After a print representing Fire from a series of four representing the elements by the French engraver Abraham Bosse (1602-1676).

Ref No: 103213
History, enlgish, england, education, school, schools, preparatory, Preparatory School for Young Ladies, cook, cooks, cooking, cookery, cartoon, cartoons, john leech, caricaturist, engraving, engravings,
(RM) Image
The Preparatory School for Young Ladies. Practical cookery education for girls. Cartoon by John Leech (1817-1864) English caricaturist. Engraving.

Ref No: 103214
History, england, london, britian, surrey, engraving, engravings, shepherd, thomas shepherd, thomas hosmer shepher, zoo, zoos, zoological garden, zoological gardens, walworth, Edward Cross,
(RM) Image
Surrey Zoological Gardens, Walworth, London, England. Engraving after the drawing by Thomas Hosmer Shepherd. In about 1830 Edward Cross kept his menagerie here, and in 1830 exhibited an Indian rhinoceros for which he paid 800. Conservatory 300 ft in circ

Ref No: 103243
History, england, britain, great britain, london, groom, grooms, dustman, dustmen, bootblack, Nursemaid, nursemaids, Beefeater, beefeaters, child, children, Boy, boys, Petherick, Horace William Petherick, chromolithograph, chromolithographs,
(RM) Image
London street scenes. Groom: Dustman: Bootblack: Nursemaid (eyeing up soldiers): Beefeater: Boy turning somersaults for pennies. Illustrations by Horace William Petherick (1839-1919) for a children's book published London, c1875. Chromolithograph.

Ref No: 103946
History, historical, Andrew Crombie Ramsay, ramsay, andrew, British, geology, geology, geologist, geologists, professors, Professor, Univeristy College, presidents, President, Royal Geological Society, Life of Sir Roderick I. Murchison, Archibald Geikie, engraving, engravings,
(RM) Image
Andrew Crombie Ramsay (1814-1891) British geologist. Professor of geology at Univeristy College London 1847. President of the Royal Geological Society 1862-1864. From 'Life of Sir Roderick I. Murchison' by Archibald Geikie (London, 1875) Engraving.

Ref No: 103253
History, novelist, novelists, german, mann, heinrich, Heinrich Mann, thomas, mann, Thomas Mann,
(RM) Image
Heinrich Mann (1871-1950) German novelist. Elder brother of the novelist Thomas Mann. From a sketch dated 1934.

Ref No: 103250
History, scholar, scholars, gruter, jan, Jan Gruter, Gruytere, Gruterus, Wittenberg university, Heidelberg university, Mezzotint, mezzotint,
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Jan Gruter (Gruytere, Gruterus) (1560-1627) Belgian-born classical scholar. Held various chairs including at Wittenberg and Heidelberg universities. Mezzotint




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